Advantages of Servlets over CGI



  1. Servlets are easier to write.
  2. Servlets are faster to run.
  3. Servlets are platform independent. CGI has the disadvantage of doing server-side programming with platform-specific APIs.
  4. Servlet can handle multiple request concurrently, and synchronize requests.
  5. The servlets can be used to balance load among several servers that mirror the same content and to partition a single logical service over several servers, according to task type or organizational boundaries as servlets can forward requests to other servers and servlets.
  6. Performance, scalability, and reusability of CGI is not as good as servlets.
  7. Servlets uses Java. Java is a object oriented programming language. Obviously servlets have advantage of using object oriented programming language Java. 

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One Response to Advantages of Servlets over CGI

  1. amit sadh says:

    this is so helpful for me…………thx a lot

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