Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

This is really a very touching and sad story on the first day of Diwali. My heart is filled with a great sorrow and grief. What could have been a stupid youthful extravaganza to bring forth his dissatisfaction for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray (by a disgruntled Patna youth Rahul Raj) has ended in a very very tragic story. I agree he (Rahul Raj) shouldn’t have resorted to violence and he deserved punishment. However, I don’t know what prompted Police to shoot this (single) youth. I think if wanted Police could have easily overpowered him.

He was alone on the upper deck of B.E.S.T. bus no. 332 and I don’t see any logic that he could have killed anybody. I am sure that police will now leave no stone unturned to justify killing of Rahul Raj. Prima facie it appears that this is one of those cases in which police have gone terribly wrong and have misjudged a misguided and misadventurous youth for a terrorist. Police must show now courage and accept mishandling this case.

Leaders from three different political parties from northern states have come together and have decided to meet PM on this issue. Lalu Prasad Yadav –  president of  Rashtriya Janata Dal, Ram Vilas Paswan – president of the Lok Janshakti Party, and Nitish Kumar – Chief Minister of Bihar and top leader of Janata Dal (United) have raised doubts over authenticity of the encounter of Rahul Raj. There is no doubt that this encounter is most unfortunate and could have been avoided. However what seems to surprise me always is lack of will power from the leaders of these northern states to create and provide enough employment opportunities in their states itself. I have never heard they even uttering a word about creating and providing jobs in their states itself.

Encounter of Rahul Raj reminds me of two movies – Rang De Basanti and Dombivli Fast. In Rang De Basanti five youngsters who are fighting against corrupt political system are killed by commandos. And in Dombivli Fast a middle class bank employee disgusted with corruption and mismanagement in society is killed by police for taking law in his own hand to bring order in society. What Rahul Raj has done to protest is definitely not acceptable and is wrong, however at the same time what happened to him is also most unfortunate and torrid!

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Ya Sukhano Ya

I am not a great fan of TV serials or TV soaps. Not because I do not like watching TV serials or I do not like drama (or rather melodrama should I say), I do (like to watch drama)! But because to know whats happening around in serials you have to follow TV serial regularly. And that is my problem! I can not watch TV serials regularly as I do not get time enough to watch serials day after day.

However, when it comes to Ya Sukhano Ya, I follow this serials as fas as possible as this is a very different TV serial amongst all the TV serials. Whats I like about this TV serial is the closeness to reality and a message it gives.

Characters in this serial are dressed up and behave as you and me dress up and behave in our day to day lives. Female characters at home or away wear saris or clothes as normal housewives, mothers, sisters would wear in their day to day lives and are without makeup most of the times. Male characters too wear clothes as normal Marathi middle class males would wear in their routine lives. Such is the closeness to reality in this TV serial is that a character (Abhay Adhikari) is shown wearing same old T Shirt everytime he is shown at home. Hats off to the people who are behind this and look into such a minute (but important) details.

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Black Friday in Indian Cricket!

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Image Source: Harbhajan, Sreesanth

Who would have had thought that such a day will come in Indian Cricket. When everything was going very good and it seemed that even players from across the countries are coming in good terms with each other, we had a bad bad news. Our very own Bhajji slapped our very own Sree! What an unfortunate day in the Indian Cricket! Though the news is neither confirmed nor denied, Sreesanth crying nonstop on the ground in front of large crowd even after his team Kings XI Punjab won the match comprehensively against Mumbai Indians has said it all. Nobody is a fool to guess that what must have been happened and why Sreesanth was crying like anything that too in front of crowd and cameras. It was such a sad sad picture that nobody would want to see it again.

This is nothing but shocking and shameless. Harbhajan Singh and S. Sreesanth both look sensible to me. Still, having played together in a team for India how could a sensible person do this? What made Harbhajan Singh so furious that he hit his own Indian teammate? Did Sreesanth said him something? We know Harbhajan Singh and S. Sreesanth are both surrounded by controversies. Very recently during India’s tour of Australia Harbhajan Singh was accused of racial abuse. Indian board somehow succeeded in freeing him of racial abuse charge as there was not sufficient evidence to convict him. However after this thing has happened eyebrows must have been raised again that may be during that time he may have said something objectionable to Andrew Symonds. After all he is freed because there was not sufficient evidence to prove charges against him. Has he or hasn’t he, question will be raised in minds of everybody again.

Players from the same team fighting with each other is not new to Cricket. Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar was called back from the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa last year as he hit his team mate Mohmmed Asif with bat during practice session. It is also said that Shoaib Akhtar slapped former Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer during Champions trophy in India in 2006. However, this has never happened with Indians (at least in public eyes). This is the most unfortunate incidence and as unfortunate as match fixing in 1999/2000.

Harbhajan Singh as well as Sreesanth has denied that Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth. However, both accepted that there was something which happened and which is unacceptable. Harbhajan Singh later went to Sreesanth’s dressing room and apologized and Sreesanth also said that there was no need for an apology altogether and things like these happen. Sreesanth also said that Harbhajan is like his elder brother, he has forgiven Harbhajan, and he will not file complain against Harbhajan.

This all happened in presence of IPL CEO Lalit Modi. Stories are making rounds that this fight is make belief and staged to catch the attention to IPL. If this is the case I think this idea is very sick and there is whatsoever no reason to make such a drama as IPL in my opinion is already doing very good and things like this can never do any good, it can only harm the good show.

India is host to this tournament. That is we are playing in our own country. When we are playing in our own country, we should set an example. By staging this tournament successfully we wanted to prove that we too have capability to make changes and bring revolution in game, world should stand and take a notice of us. However, this incidence has made every Indian ashamed of themselves. In first place there is no need to get so hyperactive as this tournament is for entertainment. If we ourselves are fighting with each other then what treatment we can expect from players from other countries towards us. This is blot which is very difficult to clean. Whatever Harbhajan Singh and S. Sreesanth say now and whichever way they try to convince, not only they will remember this incidence forever their life, it will also be remembered as one of the most embarrassing moment in Indian cricket. It has saddened every Indians heart to no end. I hope that board should not take a strict action against Harbhajan Singh as this is the first time this has happened and he must be given a chance. We can only hope that Harbhajan Singh and S. Sreesanth should really forgive each other for the sake of sportsmanship, game, and country, they should play together as they did before and things like this should never happen again…

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How IPL Franchisees can earn Profit?

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If you are wondering why this much amount of money is poured by franchisees in IPL and from where they are going to get that money back, you are not alone. Even James Sutherland, Chief, Cricket Australia has raised the same doubts that, will IPL be able to get a same response (from franchisees) in future as well, as he sees very slim chances of franchisees earning considerable profit from IPL. His concerns are genuine and can not be ruled out. There are lot of issues. As all countries cricket schedule already full packed for years to come, its very difficult for international players to play in IPL. He has already stated that in the next year there is practically no chance for Australian players to play in IPL as they are very busy during the season IPL is scheduled.

At the same time Ambanis (owner of Mumbai Indians), Wadias (owner of Punjab Kings XI), Mallyas (owner of Bangalore Royal Challengers), Shahrukh Khan (owner of Kolkata Knight Riders) and for that matter any of the rest of four franchisees are not fools. They must have done their own calculations. It is estimated that every franchisee can break even in the second year. Some franchisees can even start making profit in the first year itself.

IPL Chairman Lalit Modi clarified how franchisees can earn profit in IPL. Team owners get 80% of broadcast revenues, 60% of sponsorship revenues, 100% of team sponsorship revenues, 80% of ticket revenues, 87.5% of all merchandising revenues, and 100% of all hospitality revenues.

Apart from that, I would like to see IPL, ICL or any similar league to be a great success as not only it is great entertainment but it has also brought Cricketers from different countries, cultures and continents close. We have never seen this before in Cricket. It has never happened. I wish these leagues last forever, franchisees make profit they want, cricketers get more and more money and Cricket lovers get more and more entertainment.

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Is Gentlemens Game back?

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Image source: flickr

Not a very long ago sledging, aggression, racism were buzzwords in Cricket. Future of International Cricket without all these was seeming impossible. Earlier Indians were known for their not so aggressive attitude on the field. These so called defensive Indians were also found feeling proud of aggression shown by Sreesanth, Harbhajan and some other Indians on the field. India’s tour of Australia was overshadowed by controversy as Andrew Symonds, Matthew Hayden, and Australian captain Ricky Ponting accused Harbhajan Singh of racially abusing Andrew Symonds in the Sydney test. After Sydney test fracas Cricket took backseat and India almost threatened to return home midway through the tour if Harbhajan Singh was not cleared of racial abuse charge. Cricket was in the news for all the non-cricketing reasons such as sledging, racial abuse, spat between Cricketers on and off the field and so on. As tour was somehow coming to an end, Indians were further provoked when just before the finals of VB One Day series Matthew Hayden called Harbhajan Singh ‘obnoxious little weed’ on a FM radio channel and things took ugly turn again.

However, tournaments such as IPL, ICL etc. has certainly brought harmony back in the game again. Cricket stars from different countries and cultures are playing along each other for the same team. Ricky Ponting hugging and embracing Ishant Sharma after Ishant Sharma clean bowled Rahul Dravid in the first IPL match must have gladdened the hearts of all Cricket lovers. Saurav Ganguly asking an advice from Ricky Ponting is really a moment to cherish. Everybody would like to see moments like these in matches to come. IPL and ICL has not only brought Cricket players close to each other but it could also bring countries like India and Pakistan close. And this is what a game or a sport like Cricket can do to our life. Most of the Pakistani Cricket stars are playing for ICL and everybody can see that they are as lovable and adorable as Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly, and VVS Laxman. I am a great fan of Shoaib Akhtar. Unfortunately he is not in the IPL tournament. He is a crowd puller. Had he been there playing along with Indian players, I am sure it had certainly helped the cause of bringing the long strained relationship between India and Pakistan to the minimum. I would surely like to see more and more players from Pakistan and other countries playing in India.

Having said that, I would like to clarify that I am not saying that there should not be any aggression in the game. There must be some competitiveness and aggression in the game or else matches would become lifeless, dull, and boring. But it (aggression) must not go overboard and bring the game to disrepute. I am fully hopeful that IPL, ICL, and tournaments like these can induce sportsmanship in Cricket again and can bring close players, people as well as countries.

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Indian Premier League (IPL) – Brendon McCullum Vs. Bangalore Royal Challengers

Awesome! I have never seen such a ruthless attack on opposition before. There are and there were hard hitters and pinch hitters in the game like Sanath Jayasurya, Shahid Afridi, Adam Gilchrist, Virender Sehwag but the innings Brendon McCullum played for Kolkata Knight Riders is just awesome. Everybody must have been taken by surprise especially rival Bangalore Royal Challengers captain Rahul Dravid after this innings of lifetime by Brendon McCullum which included 13 sixes, 10 fours and unbelievable 158 runs in just 73 balls. Kolkata Knight Riders owner superstar Shahrukh Khan was understandably over the moon after this great performance.

There was not much left for Bangalore Royal Challengers after Kolkata Knight Riders completed their full quota of 20 overs with huge score of 222 runs. Bangalore Royal Challengers later struggled and succumbed at 82/10. They were already shocked, stunned, and numbed with brilliance from Brendon McCullum, the new hero, the new superstar in Cricket.

What a start for IPL! It indeed has set a great tempo for IPL ahead. This match was played in front of jam packed stadium. Hopefully because of this match all the matches will be crowd pullers. BCCI bosses must be on the cloud nine after the first match. Though I would have been even more happy had the match been closely contested. This IPL opener match will undoubtedly be remembered for heroics of Brendon McCullum, however, I would cherish the moment when Ishant Sharma and Ricky Ponting embraced and hugged each other after Ishant Sharma got Bangalore Royal Challengers captain Rahul Dravid clean bowled. And this is what we all would like to see, the world without hatred and animosity towards fellow human beings.

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Indian Premier League (IPL)

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So the day has come! It is indeed an important day for Cricket. The day for which every Cricket lover was waiting with enthusiasm, anticipation and hope. Hope in the sense that if this league becomes a success, it will pave a way for Cricket becoming a global sports, not a sports which is played in few countries here and there. Not only in India, but also world over Cricket lovers would want to know what happens with IPL. And I am sure every Cricket lover would want Indian Premier League (IPL) to be a huge hit.

However, IPL is already down with early blows such as Shoiab Akhtar being banned by PCB for five years, Indian stalwarts Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble being unfit and not in first few matches, important South African players being absent due to their own domestic Twenty20 tournament and lot more issues. I am sure IPL dignitaries must be trading cautiously after rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) is not so successful or rather I would say unfortunately it is a damp squib.

Even if you will be watching IPL on TV, you would not love to watch matches with empty stands and galleries! For IPL to be successful two things are must, the competitiveness and entertainment. These are lacking in Indian Cricket League (ICL). If there is a fierce battle, people would love to watch these matches or else we know how Indian Cricket League (ICL) is doing! It is also important that how these famous international Cricket stars gel with each other which have fought very hard against each other recently. I would especially love to watch Indian, Australian, and Pakistanis playing with each other, and the bond being developed between them. It would really be a great fun to watch IPL, at least initially!

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