Should IPL be cancelled?

Lahore Attacks

Lahore attack has taken toll on IPL. What should be the fate of IPL after Lahore attacks? There are mainly three options in-front of IPL management, and we have to see what they choose. 1. to cancel IPL for this year, 2. to postpone it, or 3. to reschedule the dates and go ahead with the tournament within the same duration.

Franchisees and IPL management would definitely want to go ahead with the tournament with little or no adjustments in dates because of their commercial interests. If IPL is canceled, with economy showing no signs of getting back to normal, it would be the last thing they would want to happen. It is said that if IPL is cancelled there would be losses in tune of Rs. 1000 crore (about US$ 200 million). 

Even if IPL want to postpone tournament, it would not be easy to do so or is of no use as the next few months are of rainy season in India and secondly as ICC calender is already full it would be very difficult to find the time required to organize the tournament.

As a cricket lover my heart says that IPL should go ahead as it is without any change, however my mind says that the wise decision would be to cancel or to postpone it till the date there is no security concern and there is 100% surety about the safety and safebeing of players, spectators, officials, organizers, and other concerned people. After all this is a sport and nobody would want to play under security threat and nobody would want to watch a game in tense situation.

Assembly elections are also taking place during the same time. As a result the amount of pressure the security agencies would have to cope with would be tremendous. Also there would not be many overseas players wanting to come to India, especially players from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, and England would be apprehensive about coming and playing in India. New Zealand’s Jacob Oram has already raised questions about touring India for IPL.

 If something happens India’s reputation, prestige, and pride is at stake. However, IPL management looks very confident of going ahead with the tournament and if they do so it would certainly be a brave decision. Whatever is the case security of players, specatators, officials, organizers is of utmost importance, cannot be assumed, and cannot be compromised. Now it is left for IPL to decide what is more important – safety and security or commercial interests?


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