Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

This is really a very touching and sad story on the first day of Diwali. My heart is filled with a great sorrow and grief. What could have been a stupid youthful extravaganza to bring forth his dissatisfaction for Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray (by a disgruntled Patna youth Rahul Raj) has ended in a very very tragic story. I agree he (Rahul Raj) shouldn’t have resorted to violence and he deserved punishment. However, I don’t know what prompted Police to shoot this (single) youth. I think if wanted Police could have easily overpowered him.

He was alone on the upper deck of B.E.S.T. bus no. 332 and I don’t see any logic that he could have killed anybody. I am sure that police will now leave no stone unturned to justify killing of Rahul Raj. Prima facie it appears that this is one of those cases in which police have gone terribly wrong and have misjudged a misguided and misadventurous youth for a terrorist. Police must show now courage and accept mishandling this case.

Leaders from three different political parties from northern states have come together and have decided to meet PM on this issue. Lalu Prasad Yadav –  president of  Rashtriya Janata Dal, Ram Vilas Paswan – president of the Lok Janshakti Party, and Nitish Kumar – Chief Minister of Bihar and top leader of Janata Dal (United) have raised doubts over authenticity of the encounter of Rahul Raj. There is no doubt that this encounter is most unfortunate and could have been avoided. However what seems to surprise me always is lack of will power from the leaders of these northern states to create and provide enough employment opportunities in their states itself. I have never heard they even uttering a word about creating and providing jobs in their states itself.

Encounter of Rahul Raj reminds me of two movies – Rang De Basanti and Dombivli Fast. In Rang De Basanti five youngsters who are fighting against corrupt political system are killed by commandos. And in Dombivli Fast a middle class bank employee disgusted with corruption and mismanagement in society is killed by police for taking law in his own hand to bring order in society. What Rahul Raj has done to protest is definitely not acceptable and is wrong, however at the same time what happened to him is also most unfortunate and torrid!


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5 Responses to Shootout / encounter in Bus No 332 of Rahul Raj

  1. madhukar says:

    Ha! Rahul was made an offering by Mumbai police, following the traditional old system now termed as barbaric of killing an animal to please the god/godess in the past. The Mumbai police has crossed the limit to please their God Raj Thakrey for his blessings. The boy killed, was just looking annoyed and frustrated. Media pictures and on sight evident Marathi people “trusted and truthful” says only one fire from a country made pistol was made. Commissioner of Police has quoted the instance as if firing was done by an automatic weapon. Police is relying on the Media reports, and wee too as shown live on different TV channels. It simply shows a barbaric act of Mumbai police who have enough experts to tackle such people. There was no need or reasons for that Barbaric Day Light killing or murder done by Mumbai Police. Even the politicians should think at this moment about the humanitarian face too, before politicizing this issue to please their respective Gods, and gain cheap publicity for free. Its a Independent India one should remember. No such barbaric killing should happen ever in future so we should condemn this Barbaric Offering made to this day God Raj Thakrey in LOUD VOICE and appeal to authorities to order a transparent inquiry so that reality should come out.

  2. Snehal says:

    Kay Mr.Patil , Maharashtra is not your house it seems? Would you like ‘n’ number of people coming to your house?Mr.Raj Thackeray is fighting for Marathi people and though you are Marathi it seems you are against him ? It really true that this shoot out was a mistake by police but then too hats off to Mr.Thackeray who is fighting for Maharastrians.I feel each Maharastrian should be present with him for this fight.

  3. HARSHITA says:


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