Ya Sukhano Ya

I am not a great fan of TV serials or TV soaps. Not because I do not like watching TV serials or I do not like drama (or rather melodrama should I say), I do (like to watch drama)! But because to know whats happening around in serials you have to follow TV serial regularly. And that is my problem! I can not watch TV serials regularly as I do not get time enough to watch serials day after day.

However, when it comes to Ya Sukhano Ya, I follow this serials as fas as possible as this is a very different TV serial amongst all the TV serials. Whats I like about this TV serial is the closeness to reality and a message it gives.

Characters in this serial are dressed up and behave as you and me dress up and behave in our day to day lives. Female characters at home or away wear saris or clothes as normal housewives, mothers, sisters would wear in their day to day lives and are without makeup most of the times. Male characters too wear clothes as normal Marathi middle class males would wear in their routine lives. Such is the closeness to reality in this TV serial is that a character (Abhay Adhikari) is shown wearing same old T Shirt everytime he is shown at home. Hats off to the people who are behind this and look into such a minute (but important) details.


About anuragpatil

I am from Mumbai, India.
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One Response to Ya Sukhano Ya

  1. renu says:

    Could you tell me where would i get the bhajan whr vikram gokhale stands still in the soap “ya sukhano ya”?

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