How IPL Franchisees can earn Profit?

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If you are wondering why this much amount of money is poured by franchisees in IPL and from where they are going to get that money back, you are not alone. Even James Sutherland, Chief, Cricket Australia has raised the same doubts that, will IPL be able to get a same response (from franchisees) in future as well, as he sees very slim chances of franchisees earning considerable profit from IPL. His concerns are genuine and can not be ruled out. There are lot of issues. As all countries cricket schedule already full packed for years to come, its very difficult for international players to play in IPL. He has already stated that in the next year there is practically no chance for Australian players to play in IPL as they are very busy during the season IPL is scheduled.

At the same time Ambanis (owner of Mumbai Indians), Wadias (owner of Punjab Kings XI), Mallyas (owner of Bangalore Royal Challengers), Shahrukh Khan (owner of Kolkata Knight Riders) and for that matter any of the rest of four franchisees are not fools. They must have done their own calculations. It is estimated that every franchisee can break even in the second year. Some franchisees can even start making profit in the first year itself.

IPL Chairman Lalit Modi clarified how franchisees can earn profit in IPL. Team owners get 80% of broadcast revenues, 60% of sponsorship revenues, 100% of team sponsorship revenues, 80% of ticket revenues, 87.5% of all merchandising revenues, and 100% of all hospitality revenues.

Apart from that, I would like to see IPL, ICL or any similar league to be a great success as not only it is great entertainment but it has also brought Cricketers from different countries, cultures and continents close. We have never seen this before in Cricket. It has never happened. I wish these leagues last forever, franchisees make profit they want, cricketers get more and more money and Cricket lovers get more and more entertainment.


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13 Responses to How IPL Franchisees can earn Profit?

  1. adi says:

    i know this but only 2 teams made a profit in the first year!

  2. ````` says:

    it was good …ie ur dathin but i want last year ka data……do u have that???

  3. Vishal Hule says:

    Kay re rao…….vitya……..last year ka sanga na……..

  4. Vishal Hule says:

    Kay re rao…….vitya……..last year ka sanga na……..

  5. damini kukreja says:

    i think its much more than all this..its a multi million crore business going on out their..the teams earn money with every run and evry wicket..thats wat the news show..can u explain how this is bein done????



  7. TUSHAR says:

    i know that the profit earn by the team owners is huge beacause of high investment . in first year profit of all team owners are less as compare to second and third season ,this profit became larger and larger due to this i sugest mr lalit modi to issue ipo of ipl in the month of apr and may

  8. whtever information given above is not correct at all. As money goes to IPL Managment.

  9. kiran says:

    it a really great

  10. prashant waghule says:

    Dinesh & hemant should open in final against chennai superking

  11. M Rizwan says:

    big perofit

  12. M Rizwan says:


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