Indian Premier League (IPL)

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So the day has come! It is indeed an important day for Cricket. The day for which every Cricket lover was waiting with enthusiasm, anticipation and hope. Hope in the sense that if this league becomes a success, it will pave a way for Cricket becoming a global sports, not a sports which is played in few countries here and there. Not only in India, but also world over Cricket lovers would want to know what happens with IPL. And I am sure every Cricket lover would want Indian Premier League (IPL) to be a huge hit.

However, IPL is already down with early blows such as Shoiab Akhtar being banned by PCB for five years, Indian stalwarts Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble being unfit and not in first few matches, important South African players being absent due to their own domestic Twenty20 tournament and lot more issues. I am sure IPL dignitaries must be trading cautiously after rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) is not so successful or rather I would say unfortunately it is a damp squib.

Even if you will be watching IPL on TV, you would not love to watch matches with empty stands and galleries! For IPL to be successful two things are must, the competitiveness and entertainment. These are lacking in Indian Cricket League (ICL). If there is a fierce battle, people would love to watch these matches or else we know how Indian Cricket League (ICL) is doing! It is also important that how these famous international Cricket stars gel with each other which have fought very hard against each other recently. I would especially love to watch Indian, Australian, and Pakistanis playing with each other, and the bond being developed between them. It would really be a great fun to watch IPL, at least initially!


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